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The best of Independence Day campaigns 2020

Including topical content in your marketing strategy

Independence Day provides a chance for brands to come up with topical content and strike the chord of relevance with consumers. In contrast to usual sales promotions or commercial advertising, perhaps the most distinct edge this type of content offers is the alignment between brand values and the theme itself. The occasion of Independence Day allows brands to tap on to and ride on the prevailing wave of patriotism and is a good time for brands to explore the many dimensions associated with freedom. 

The last few months have had certain keywords common with all social media audience. Be it complex problems like climate change or coronavirus pandemic that we want to break free from or societal issues such as honor killings or racial discrimination, social media has enabled the voices of brands and audiences alike to show their support. These gnawing troubles have been a high source of content, and 15th August is the perfect opportunity for brands to raise their voices. This is the chance for brands to talk about these issues to create awareness about them and seamlessly integrate their products and services with it.

And many brands have done just that. Be it Ola telling the story of a transgender breaking free from the clutches of stigma, or PayTM encouraging the city-dweller to worry about one thing less.

When should topical content be included? 

But topical content comes with a caveat. Sometimes there may be situations where a certain brand cannot find a strong enough theme to peg the campaign on. In such situations, it is best to stay silent rather than try to force-fit a far-fetched idea into the sphere of the statement. Such a campaign would certainly not lead to evoking positive brand equity. On the contrary, it may lead to trolls and memes – a process that has been heavily accelerated by social media.

Some brands have played it well this year on India’s Independence Day and here’s a look at a few that caught our attention.

Mountain Dew 

‘Dar ke aage jeet hai’ has never been more powerful a motto than it is in today’s trying times as we, as a nation, are fighting to put COVID-19 behind us. In this ad, put out in collaboration with Saregama Music, features Sukhwinder Singh singing ‘Yeh desh hai veer jawaano ka’. The visuals lend support to the words, extending the definition of ‘veer jawaans’ to more than just soldiers at our borders. The ad celebrates all the frontline workers handling the pandemic in our country, and everyone who has put our country on the global map of fashion, cricket, music, science, and more.


Vande Mataram – a collaborative rendition

That India stands united despite all the diversity is a much-celebrated facet of our country. Though not a marketing campaign, this video released on the eve of our 74th Independence Day that stars Mohanlal, Hema Malini, Juhi Chawla, Esha Deol Takhtani, SP Balasubrahmanyam, Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam, Hariharan, Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Bindu, Narayana, and Mahati Subramaniam amplifies our unity. In this day of heightening unrest and social upheavals, a song like this makes us optimistic about the future of our country and gives us a reason to celebrate the diversity we are surrounded by.


The pandemic has changed our lives in unimaginable ways. We are wary of holding hands, exchanging cash at the kirana store, or paying rent in cash to our landlord. We may step out without our wallets, but certainly not without our masks. PayTM has captured this new normal in this simple and touching ad, that fills us with pride, hope, and courage. Not only do we feel inspired to embrace the new normal and thrive in it, but we also appreciate the convenience and simplicity PayTM has brought into our lives.

Axis Bank


‘Let’s tap the potential of X’, ‘Tap the banner to know more’, ‘Tap now’ – how familiar are these phrases? But there’s more to tapping than just this. You can tap water glasses to produce music, you can tap a tabla or a mridangam with your fingers to strike just the right notes, and you can even tap to make safer payments. This ad by Axis Bank takes you through just how that’s possible. Watch to find out!


It is impossible not to associate the Amul girl with topical content! Here is the witty and contextual creative released by Amul on 15th August.

Do let us know your favorite ads in the comments below!

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